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The process

About the process of the purchase If you see any vehicle which you are interested in, please give us an e-mail through the enquiries. We will respond to you, after receiving the necessary documents and your payment method. The necessary items for purchase ・Residence card ・Your registered seal ・Certificate of registered seal ・Parking space certificate ・Purchase bankroll ・Payment with your credit-card(VISA) When you become a car owner in Japan, running a car is a great expense. ・Parking fee ・Petrol (gasoline) charge ・Voluntary car insurance  ( In the case of a contingency, the compensation from the car liability compulsory insurance may not be sufficient.)

  • JAF JAF(Japan Automobile Federation)  (It provides roadside assistance.   With the intention to protect a car owner’s interest, they promptly respond to any urgent motoring trouble.) 
  • In Japan, when you own a car, the car tax, the car insurance and the car maintenance is obligatory.  Car tax(A registered car should pay for the car tax every year.)
  • Periodic car inspection required by the Japanese regulation (In the case of a general car, the maintenance and the compulsory insurance is required every other year.) ・ Inspection and maintenance cost and the parts cost ・Automobile liability compulsory insurance ¥25,830 ・Car weight tax ¥32,800 every 2 years ・Revenue-stamp duty
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